Advanced Acting Techniques

For the intermediate to advanced student.

Advanced acting techniques explore several acting methods , allowing the student to fully understand and practice different approaches to building a solid character. Students put themselves in the place of the character through studies in the Stanislavski System using emotional memory recall and self analysis. Branching from the Stanislavski System, students build strong imaginations beyond their own experiences with the Adler approach, find their truth within imaginary circumstances with the Meisner technique,  and explore the psycho-physical or a mind-body connection with Chekov’s work.

The focus for these semesters is less on performance and more on creation and personal development of the actor. Students are constantly reaching for different options within themselves, then applying these concepts to their acting practice. Each group will be given the opportunity to showcase their work, should they choose, in small scenes both on stage and on film, though there is no pressure or requirement to do either. Self discovery is an intensely personal process and we wouldn’t want any student to feel rushed or pressured into performing.

There are no pre-requisites to attend this class, though we do recommend students take the TV, Stage, Film class first if they have no acting experience. We ask that any student taking this course is ready to focus and work intensely at their craft, as this is less about theatre games and more about learning the true art of acting.

Class runs for 2 hours each week and costs $165 monthly.

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Alexandra Kane

Alexandra Kane

Creative Director

Alexandra Kane is the Creative Director for AK Arts Academy, teaching piano, voice, saxophone, Glee, Musical Theatre and acting.