AUDITION: Anne Frank and Me



Director: Len Cuthbert is the creator and director of Fridge Door Live Theatre Company. His plays have had more than 150 performances in Canada, US and the UK, some winning awards. His local theatre experiences include writing, directing, producing and acting. www.LenCuthbert.

Dance Instructor: Alice Mary Collins is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. She is the Constituent Relations Assistant of Internation Justice Mission Canada and Dance Instructor & Choreographer at Dance Extreme. She will be choreographing and directing the Hip Hop routines in this production.

Makeup Director: Heather Heywood is an award winning theatre makeup artist. She lives in St. Thomas and is the mother to three amazing children.

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Nicole Burns (Bernhardt): Plays age 14-16. The lead. Average girl who, through a great journey, discovers her own heroism. Appealing, funny, regular, endearing, vulnerable, charismatic. * Dance experience, with ability to learn Hip-hop routine.

Little-Bit Burns (Liz-Bette Bernhardt): Plays age 10-12. Nicole’s sister. Small, smart, annoying and bratty, insecure, ultimately scared and loveable. * May play violin, flute or recorder

Mimi Baker (Poulin): Plays age 14-16. Nicole’s best friend. Slender, quirky-cute, funny motor-mouth, whirlwind of energy, a drama queen in love with love, risks her life for Nicole. * Dance experience, with ability to learn Hip-hop routine.

Anne Frank: Plays age 15. Brave, feisty, rebellious, couraeous, incandescent.

Suzane Lee (Lebeau): Plays age 14. Nicole’s friend. Little Bit’s idol. The new girl, nice but willing to stand up for what she believes in. * Dance experience, with ability to learn Hip-hop routine. Doubles as girl on the transport.

Chrissy Gullet (Goulet): Plays age 14. In Nicole’s class. Mouthy, bigoted, nasty, hates Nicole. Doubles as girl on the transport.

Jack Poulin (Jacques Poulin): Plays age 14-16. The finest, most popular guy at his school. A leader. Cool but vulnerable, self-involved but not a jerk. Becomes proper and idealistic. Risks his life for Nicole and her family. Doubles as a Nazi.

David Berg (Ginsberg): Plays age 14-16. Quiet, shy intellectual, underestimated by his peers. Becomes a great hero.

Eddie Valley (Edouard Vallee): Plays age 14. Jack’s insecure side-kick, class clown, tries too hard to be cool. Immature, very funny. Doubles as Nazi.


John Urkin (Jean Bernhardt): Plays age 40-55. As Urkin, Nicole’s principal. Mild mannered. As Bernhardt: Nicole’s father. Sensitive, loving, proud, gentle, compassionate, a doctor who risks everything to become a freedom fighter.

Renee Zooms (Bernhardt): Plays age 40-50. As Zooms: Nicole’s burnt-out English teacher – comical, irritable. She has watched educational standards decline steadily over her many years in the classroom. \now, she’s a year past when she should have retired. The kids are scared of her – she’s stern and tough. As Bernhardt: Nicole’s mom – loving, proud, stern, maternal.

Mary Burns: Plays age 35-45. Nicole’s mom in the present. Attractive, hip, friendly. May be doubled by other actor.