Hip Hop Kids, Ages 4-6

Hip Hop Kids is in Full Swing!

Our Hip Hop Kids course is gearing up for session 2! Beginning Tuesday January 5, 2016, class runs 5:15-6pm. Kids are learning the fundamental hip hop dance steps, in a fun filled, engaging 45min. This dance class is perfect for young kids as they grow socially and of course physically. Stepping in time is only 1 of the awesome benefits! We value inclusiveness and all abilities and encourage each child to do the same. We invite our young learners to step into a small leadership role which fosters a creative mind and critical thinking.


Key benefits of Hip Hop Dancing: 

*Strengthen your heart and improve coordination, essential for growing bodies!

*Increase endorphins, making developing brains happy ūüôā

*Forge new friendships with classmates, increasing social time and decreasing screen time!

*Create something to be proud of, which really is the best feeling of all


2nd Session Dates: 

January 5-June 21, 2016



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 Hip Hop Kids ages 4-6  Hip Hop Kids ages 4-6