Kids Hip Hop and Combo Class

The Kids Hip Hop and Combo class introduces your young one to the foundations of hip hop dance including the elements of style necessary for this type of dance. Freedom of expression is encouraged through group and solo work. A favourite class among our young ones!

By the end of the course, students will be comfortable with:

  • Creating and Presenting: apply the creative process to the composition of simple dance phrases, using the elements of dance to communicate feelings and ideas
  • Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing: apply the critical analysis process to communicate their feelings, ideas, and understandings in response to a variety of dance pieces and experiences;
  • Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts: demonstrate an understanding of a variety of dance forms and styles from the past and present, and their social and/or community contexts.


Students in the Kids Hip Hop & Combo Class will develop understanding of the following concepts through participation in various dance routines.

• body: body awareness, use of body zones, use of body parts, body shapes locomotor & non-locomotor movements, body bases

• space: levels, directions, general and personal

• time: tempo & rhythm

• energy: quality (e.g., melting, twitching, slumping, percussive, sustained [as in a held stretch])

• relationship: with a partner (e.g., slow-motion mirroring)

Alexandra Kane

Alexandra Kane

Creative Director

Alexandra Kane is the Creative Director for AK Arts Academy, teaching piano, voice, saxophone, Glee, Musical Theatre and acting.