Alexandra Kane

Creative Director

A creative mindset is recognized as fundamental to innovation in any field, yet opportunities for creative development through the arts have been steadily reduced in our educational system.  In 2013, Alexandra Kane (aged 33) recognized this gap and established AK Arts Academy, a professional “triple threat training” studio that is quickly becoming a centre of excellent arts education in London.

Ms. Kane also initiated “The Arts Collective” through AK Arts Academy, which strives to build partnerships with other London-based performing and visual arts organizations, aiming to provide meaningful opportunities to all artists and encouraging synergistic endeavors between all types of performance and visual based art. The Academy is able to offer children and teens and adults training in every aspect of acting for film and television, audition preparation, film production, vocal, instrumental and dance training.  These programmes take place at AK Arts Academy, a bright and beautiful professional studio on Fanshawe Park Road.

Most of the acting and voice instruction is given by Ms. Kane who also produces all performances, designs programme curricula, coordinates all Arts Collective partners and programming, does all the marketing,  financial management, operations, and IT work for the Academy. Furthermore, her robust network of industry contacts translate into regular opportunities for professional castings and auditions for her students.

I personally appreciate Alex’s commitment to singularly excellent customer service. She truly cares about each child’s development and works with parents to find the best programmes and opportunities for their child. This dedication to her students, coupled with an always sunny demeanor and a recognition that parents are an integral part of the success of her programmes, is unusual in the industry. For example, Alex makes the effort to spend time with parents to educate them on the rigors and expectations of the film and television industry, a service component that I have never experienced elsewhere. I feel I’m in a true partnership with AK Arts and am therefore able to provide my daughter with the best performing arts training possible. This sentiment is shared by other AK Arts parents as well.

Despite the demands of building and operating the Academy, Alex has still found time to take on projects in the London Arts Community, producing the Jack Richardson London Music Awards since 2014. Alex is Chair of the Board of Directors for The Arts Collective, a secretary for the board at The Jack Richardson Music London Music Awards, and a season selection board member for Musical Theatre Productions.

Alex has over 20 years of experience performing and coaching music, musical theatre and film. She received her training at Fanshawe College obtaining a post graduate diploma in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Western University, graduating with a Bachelor or Arts in Music Performance as well as attending Stetson University for Music Business in Florida. Alex has also been professionally trained through Toronto’s Elaine Overholt Studios, has worked as an actress and vocal artist for Disney and Universal Studios, and has written and produced two musicals of her own, performed on tour in Toronto. She is currently producing and directing a youth focused television series, set to be released late September.

Alexandra Kane is unique and her studio and programmes exceptional. Her passion for the performing arts and dedicated service to the London arts community, AK Arts’ students and their families is evident in every aspect of the AK Arts organization.