We have acting classes, a film course and a twerkshop.

But do not fear! All courses are built for the shy, beginner types who are looking to do something outside of the norm. Remember when we were kids and we had hockey, soccer, tutoring, piano lessons and homework to keep us busy? Ya. It seems that as we grow older (and wiser), we tend to put away these extra circulars and focus on work, family and sleep. We think you should invest in yourself and open your mind up to learning or trying something new. Even if many moons have passed since you stepped on stage, come back to what once gave you indescribable joy.

Our acting classes will help you develop your personal life in the following ways:

1.  Learn to communicate with people more effectively

2. Become more confident in your body.

3. Relieve stress and tension through creative expression.

4. Understand that it is okay to be vulnerable.

5. Make new friends in a positive, dynamic, fun environment.

Our Twerkshop is new and probably the most fun way you can enjoy an hours worth of cardio. It’s designed for beginner students new to the world of dance. Yes, we twerk. But it’s interlaced with a simple hip-hop routine that you can rehearse at home a few times per week. Burn calories, make new friends. Appreciate your body. Have a blast. Come try a class. You’ll love it, promise.