Dance Program

Dance Program

Dance Classes

Kids Hip Hop

(ages 4-6)

Tuesday’s 5-5:45

This hip hop class introduces your young one to the foundations of hip hop dance including the elements of style necessary for this type of dance.  Freedom of expression is encouraged through group and solo work.  A favourite class among our young ones! $55.25/month

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Unisex attire: Sweats and sneakers with a non mark sole. 

Youth Combo

(ages 7-9)

Thursdays 4:15-5:00

This combination class will build upon the foundations taught in our Primary Combo class. An emphasis will be placed on proper placement, posture, and technique, which will be executed in various styles of dance throughout the season, including ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. $65/month

Girls attire: Beige footed or convertible tights, short sleeved leotard, ballet shoes, and hip hop sneakers. Sweats may be worn during the hip hop unit.

Boys attire: Plain white t-shirt, black bike shorts, ballet shoes, and hip hop sneakers. Sweats may be worn during the hip hop unit.

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Intermediate Combo

(ages 10-13)

Tuesday’s 4:15-5:00

Students in this combination class will have the opportunity to explore various styles of dance that are newly offered to this age level. This class will progress based on units that include, but are not limited to: jazz, contemporary, modern, theatre dance, and hip hop. To encourage creativity, students will be given the opportunity to come up with their own compositions in small groups after the end of each unit – just for fun! $65/month

Unisex attire: Be creative! You are welcome to wear any form of dance or athletic attire, but please no sweats! Hip hop shoes and foot paws (or jazz shoes) are required for this class.