Drama Program

Drama Program at AK Arts

All students, with support from the community, parents, and staff, will be provided a dynamic curriculum within a safe and caring environment so they will develop the skills, abilities, and attitudes to be lifelong learners and citizens of good character who are prepared to contribute to an ever-changing, global society. Drama

The Drama program at AK Arts Academy differentiates instruction through a variety of facilitating activities that address students’ unique abilities.  Students are given an accelerated acting curriculum in a variety of ways. They perform more challenging parts, have opportunities for solo performances, and are provided opportunities for participation in extra-curricular film, television and theatre productions.

AK Arts Academy students become learners:

  • With positive self-worth •Who demonstrate verbal, quantitative, cultural, and technical literacy. •Who can utilize community resources to foster continual growth and development. •With skills and attitudes necessary to become self- directed, life-long learners. •Who understand the value of effort in realizing their full educational, vocational, civic, and personal potential. •Who understand the principles of physical and emotional health and the importance of maintaining them. •With effective skills in written and oral communication. •Who demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in all areas. •Who demonstrate the adaptability necessary for life in a changing world. •Who think and express themselves creatively and appreciate the creativity of others. •Who have a broad familiarity with the world of work to develop and enhance their career potentials and opportunities. •Who understand and appreciate the elements and principles of the arts and their influence on all areas of life. •Who understand and demonstrate individual, social, and civic responsibility, including a global concern, tolerance, and respect for others. •Who demonstrate individual and social ethics.

Drama Classes

As part of our Drama Program, our actors will learn to understand that acting requires a wide range of skills, including vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressivity, emotional facility, a well-developed imagination, and the ability to interpret drama. Acting also often demands an ability to employ dialects, accents and body language, improvisation, observation and emulation, mime, and stage combat.

Many actors train at length in special programs or colleges to develop these skills, and today the vast majority of professional actors have undergone extensive training. Even though one actor may have years of training, they always strive for more lessons; the cinematic and theatrical world is always changing and because of this, the actor must stay as up to date as possible. Students in our Drama Program will be exposed to, but not limited to, singing, scene-work, monologue techniques, audition techniques, and partner work.

Musical Theatre

MTKids  Wednesday’s 5-6pm


Our classic version of musical theatre training for the very young. New to our Drama Program, kids will study scenes from their favourite musicals like Frozen, The Lion King, Annie and more. Musical Theatre for kids ages 4-6. $75/month

Beginner/Intermediate Monday’s 5-8pm

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.

A foundational class to our Drama Program, theMusical Theatre Beginner/Intermediate class will introduce you to the fundamental techniques needed to perform on stage, and is the perfect way to explore the magic of musicals.

We select the repertoire from the popular musical theatre canon exploring work from composers including Alan Menken, Kander and Ebb – and many more.

Classes are taught in a fun and supportive environment so don’t worry if you feel a bit nervous. Most of the time you will be singing in a group, although if you do want to leap into the spotlight there’s the opportunity for some solos too! Ages 7-12, $210/month

TV Stage Film

Youth Saturday’s 11-12:30

Scene study, monologues, commercials, improv and more are explored each week in this popular class, part of our Drama Program. A great course for beginner and intermediate students who prefer acting without the singing and dancing of musical theatre. Perfect for kids wanting to add to their acting resume, wanting to boost self confidence and presence, and learning about the acting industry. Ages 7-12. $145/month

Teen Wednesday’s 7:30-9pm

A comprehensive guide for acting. Scene study, commercials, improv, monologue, creative writing, screenplay and history each play active roles in this course designed for teens. Best for actors 12+ $145/month

The Film Project

Thursday’s 6-8pm & Saturday’s 1-4pm

Another new addition to our Drama Program and taught by a director/actor, this course is built for the advanced student. Studies will take place largely on film, where students will be able to perform scenes and monologues.

The Acting for Film Level – 1 course offers the experience and skills of performing in front of the camera with full viewing and analysis. Techniques for internalizing emotion; and understand how to approach demanding scripts. This course will form the basis of a secure screen acting foundation.

Over the duration of this course you will:

  • Explore ‘script to character’ techniques
  • Preparation, direction and performance of a scripted monologue to camera
  • Use of dramatic improvisation as a preparation
  • Understand film as a visual medium
  • Preparation, direction and performance of a scripted duologue to camera
  • Viewing and analysis of performances

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